When is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is on Monday 14 February 2022

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St. Valentine’s Day is  a day for sweethearts. It is the day that you show your friend or loved one that you care about them.

Valentine’s Day

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day, or more correctly Saint Valentine’s Day was a celebration of courtly love, made popular by the likes of Geoffrey Chaucer and other influential authors who romanticized the High Middle Ages. Although there is not a specific Saint Valentine, it is believed the day is named after several Christian Martyrs who have shared that name.

In modern times it has mutated and become a day when people can openly tell those that they care about of their affection, without risk of rebuke or ridicule from their peers. It is a day of love and caring.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Ttraditionally a Valentine’s Day card is sent anonymously leaving the receiver to try and guess who sent it. This of course leaves the whole situation wide open to any number of pranks (and this is part of the fun). More and more, people are giving Valentine’s Day cards openly, with no attempt at anonymity, and this is just one of the ways in which Valentine’s Day is slowly evolving. In 2010 the UK public spent more than 500 million UK pounds on Valentine’s Day cards, and the postal service takes on thousands of temporary staff to deal with the additional workload during the run up to Valentine’s Day.

TOP Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Chocolate or Candy
  • Flowers
  • Small stuffed toys usually holding a heart

Show Somebody you Care

One of the ways in which Valentine’s Day has changed over the last century is that it is no longer purely about romantic affairs. Valentine’s Day now is a day  where a person can give a gift, or a card, simply as a sign of affection and not as a declaration of love. It is not uncommon for friends to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts, although this is almost entirely something done by younger females.

 A Time to Repair Relationships

As well as a time for caring, Valentine’s Day is also a time for repairing. Many couples, especially those who are having problems in their relationship, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do something romantic. This might be a weekend away together, or simply a romantic candle lit meal for two. In these situations Valentine’s Day is seen as a day of truce, when conflicts can be set aside and love rekindled.

Regional Differences

Although most of the UK celebrates Valentine’s Day in the same way, there are a couple of notable regional variations. In Norfolk, a local person will dress up as a figure known as “Jack Valentine”, who will then spend some time visiting the back door of many homes, knocking and leaving sweets and chocolates for the children of the house. In Wales, many people celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 25th of January, and this day is known locally as St Dwynwen’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Superstitions

It was believed that the first man whom an unmarried woman laid her eyes upon on Valentine’s Day would be the man she would eventually marry.

In a similar light, it was believed that if a woman saw a sparrow on Valentine’s Day morning that she would marry a poor man but would be very happy. If she saw a robin, it meant she was going to marry a sailor and if she saw a goldfinch, it meant she was going to marry a wealthy man.

Valentine’s Day as an Excuse to Party

Special Valentine’s Day events are organised by  major clubs and venues . As Valentine’s Day is ultimately about romantic relationships, these parties will often take an adult theme, encouraging revellers to dress up and let their hair down. The most common themes are  Vicars and Nuns, Devils and Angels, School Girls and School Boys

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