St George’s Day 2022

Saturday, 23 April 2022

St. George’s Day in England

St George’s Day is celebrated by some in the United Kingdom and is named in remembrance of St George, England’s patron saint.

The day, April 23, is the anniversary of St George’s death and it must be pointed out that April 23 is not a public holiday. Most, if not all businesses, schools, stores and post offices are open with business as usual.

Those who do celebrate St George’s Day see the occasion as England’s National Day. The most common symbols of St George’s Day are images of the St George’s cross which is flown at many pubs and some other buildings, and some people wear a red rose on their lapel.

Over recent years, there have been more people celebrating St George’s Day with many people having parties and even street parties. For many people, St George’s Day is England’s equivalent of Ireland’s St Patricks Day.

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