Second of January

Tuesday 4 January 2022 (substitute day)

The Second of January is a Bank Holiday in Scotland.

It is not a Bank Holiday in England, Northern Ireland or Wales.

Scotland  enjoys two Bank Holidays in a row each year on the 1st January and 2nd January .

If either or both of these days fall on a Saturday or Sunday, then the Bank Holiday is held over to the next week day/s. For example if January 1 falls on a Saturday and January 2 falls on a Sunday then the relevant Bank Holidays will be on Monday January 3 and Tuesday January 4.

While the Post Offices and Banks are closed, there may be some limited public transport available throughout Scotland.

In Scotland, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are celebrated in style with plenty of parties and food. This period of celebration is referred to as Hogmanay. The celebrations often last into January 2 however many families in Scotland use this extra Bank Holiday as a day to recover from the previous day’s festivities and to catch up with family or friends that they have not seen during the Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations.

Wednesday January 2 is a Bank Holiday in Scotland only

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