Father’s Day 2022

Sunday, 19 June 2022

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year.

Father’s Day is celebrated by getting together with family and giving gifts like cards, flowers, chocolates and neckties. Younger children often give dad a handmade gift  or help make a special breakfast. Father’s Day is one of those days in the United Kingdom where everyone gets a chance to honour his or her own father in a special way.

Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Cook up some Eggs and bacon, croissants or pancakes to share for Father’s Day.

Traditionally, the celebrations in the United Kingdom have ranged from small gatherings among families to commemorate the day, to large scale events sponsored by government offices and agencies. The government tries to hold these special celebrations every year in a bid to promote family ties and bonding. These things have been identified by the government as being essential for the continued success of families in the UK as well as the entire set of countries which make up the United Kingdom.

Several councils were founded in the United Kingdom in the early days of Father’s Day in order to promote the special day for those who wanted to celebrate it. For others who had not heard of a special day for honouring fathers, the councils  did an excellent job in helping to promote awareness .

For many dads in the UK, sporting events are a good way to celebrate the holiday.  Most of the sports which are in season during the month of June will hold special Father’s day events at the stadiums and clubs across the UK .

Other activities which are supported by the various clubs and organisations in the United Kingdom include religious events held at the churches and religious centres. Almost every Christian church will hold a special service on that Sunday commemorating the service and support which fathers bring to society and the UK as a whole. Catholic churches  have special services in order to honour the paternal support that fathers provide for their families. Other religious centres will also have events planned for the special day held on the third Sunday in June.

Help celebrate Father’s Day this year by spending some quality time with your Dad.

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