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Halloween – Trick or Treat?

Not traditionally a family holiday, Halloween  is a time when people can relax and go out and enjoy a fun evening.

On 31st October, children dressed in costumes knock on their neighbors’ doors and yell, “Trick or Treat” when the door opens. If they don’t receive a treat then they play a trick on the person. The tricks are harmless and fun for everyone. Black and Orange are common colors used for Halloween.

Rules for trick or treat:

  • Always go in a group with a responsible adult in charge
  • Only knock on doors of people you know
  • Say “thank you” if you do get a treat
  •  dont play tricks that are dangerous or that could cause damage.

Dressing Up for Halloween

Halloween traditions and events include dressing up in costumes, going trick or treating, and carving pumpkins. This is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn in the United Kingdom. Not traditionally a family holiday, Halloween is a time when people can relax and go out and enjoy a fun evening.

TOP 7  Halloween Costumes

  • Witch- long black robe, tall black pointed hat, false nose and fingernails and a broom.
  • Ghost – An old white sheet with holes cut out for eyes
  • Vampire – false vampire teeth, fake blood
  • Skeleton – Use your imagination!
  • Black cat. – Black tights, a black top and some cat ears – with your face painted like a cat.
  • Devil. Dress in red with a devil mask.
  • Celebrity. From Elton John to David Cameron, the top celebrities are often impersonated by people celebrating Halloween.

Pumpkins for Lanterns:

Lanterns made out of hollowed out pumpkins with scary faces cut out of them, were thought to keep away demons and evil spirits and scare away any witches at Halloween time.

What can you do with the Pumpkin flesh and seeds? The flesh can be used to make pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie.

The pumpkin seeds can be washed, and spread on a baking tray and baked in a hot oven till golden brown ( about 10 Minutes) for a yummy snack .

The Halloween Season in the UK – The Scariest of Them All

Halloween is considered to be one of the most important days for ghosts and spirits around the world, and especially in the United Kingdom. While Halloween is a special day for those who celebrate this sort of dark world,  there are several traditional reasons for this celebration as well. Halloween is the day before All Saints Day and is closely connected with many pagan holidays in Ireland.

Halloween is not only celebrated in the UK but also in Canada and the United States and the reasons for this celebration vary greatly. Some people take the holiday to just relax and enjoy a fun time. Others tend to gravitate towards the darker celebrations which include activities involving ghosts and spirits.

Halloween Activities

Carving out a pumpkin is one of the most popular parts of the Halloween celebration. Traditionally, Halloween has also been a sort of harvest festival to celebrate the bringing in of that summer’s crop. The jack-o-lanterns which are carved as part of Halloween have the insides scooped out, and a candle is usually placed inside to emit a glow. The front face is cut out to resemble a face complete with eyes, nose, and mouth.

Costume parties.
There are  parties held all over the UK which are based on the celebration of  Halloween. Usually held at night some parties have specific themes, while others are a free for all when it comes to scary costumes.

Decorating the home or office.
Spiders, cobwebs, skeletons, and ghost figures are all used to decorate homes, offices, and other locations in the UK.

History of Halloween in the UK Halloween is based on a series of holidays in the United Kingdom which can be traced back hundreds of years to the 16th century. In Ireland, the end of summer festivals which recognised the harvest season was the precursors to the Halloween holiday that is known today. However, the name of Halloween first appeared in Scotland, not Ireland. From this time, it is known that some sort of fun festival was held on this day. However, the idea of dressing up in costumes came around later in books published in the 17th century.

Orange symbolizes autumn and the harvest, and black is the color of death – the colors are reminders that Halloween was once a harvest festival and a festival of the dead.

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