2016 UK Bank Holidays

The 2016 UK Bank Holidays calendar includes bank holidays in England (E), Northern Ireland (I), Scotland (S) and Wales (W).

All bank holiday calendar dates are accurate at the time of publishing. Please make sure you check any dates with your own countries Bank holidays before booking any holidays or arrangements.

2016 UK Bank Holidays & Special Occasion Calendar

2016 – Date2016 Bank Holiday or Occasion
Friday 1 January 2016New Year’s Day (EISW)
Monday 4 January 2016Second of January (Substitute Day) (S)
Sunday 14 February 2016St. Valentines Day
Sunday 6 March 2016Mothering Sunday
Thursday 17 March 2016St. Patricks Day (I)
Friday 25 March 2016Good Friday (EISW)
Monday 28 March 2016Easter Monday (EIW)
Saturday 23 April 2016St George’s day

(E – not a bank holiday)
Monday 2 May 2016Early May Bank Holiday (EISW)
Monday 30 May 2016Spring Bank Holiday (EISW)
Sunday 19 June 2016Father’s Day
Tuesday 12 July 2016Battle of the Boyne 'Orangeman’s Day' (I)
Monday 1 August 2016Summer Bank Holiday (S)
Monday 29 August 2016Summer Bank Holiday(EIW)
Monday 31 October 2016Halloween
Wednesday 30 November 2016St Andrews Day (S)
Sunday 25 December 2016*Christmas Day (EISW)
Monday 26 December 2016Boxing Day (EISW)
Tuesday 27 December 2016Christmas Day (Substitute Day) (EISW)

All bank holidays are accurate at the time of publishing but are subject to change depending on what country you live in. Please make sure you check any dates with your own countries bank holidays before booking any holidays.

* When the usual date of a bank or public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, a ‘substitute day’ is given, normally the following Monday.

Bank Holiday Resources

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